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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 smartphone company announce. That Xiaomi expects to release a new tablet this year as well. Also, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 smartphone will introduce this year by Xiaomi. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recently announced the launch of the smartphone. And via Weibo has now confirmed that it will be launched this year. Later, the company will also release a tablet in 2021, although it is not yet clear whether it will be designed or not with Mi Mix. MI 4 will release after its predecessor, the Mi MIX 35 5G two years later. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun is partnering with Mi Mix 4 via Web.

At a press conference, it confirms that the device will unveil this year, according to a Gizina report. June also confirms that Xiaomi will update the tablet lineup. It is possible that the tablet will also support the grain.

Xaiomi Mi Mix 4

While not much information is available about the smartphone along the way, the Mi Mix 4 is the fourth-generation model in the Mi Mix series. According to Gizmochina’s report, the cell phone may have a design that allows it to close and open like a book. If this is true, it will be Xiaomi’s first Mi Mix 4 smartphone.

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According to an announcement in 2019, Mi Mix 4 may bring a “screen waterfall”. According to the report, the cooling frequency of the display can be up to 90 Hz. It can have a 100-megapixel rear camera and a direct head camera. It comes with a fast charge of 40 watts. Although the CEO of Xiaomi has confirmed that the Mi Mix 4 will be unveiled this year, there is no indication when it will actually take place. As for the tablet, there is not much information about when it will hit the market.