Some Problems while updating Android Lolipop in LG G3



There have been a few problems circulating as of late regarding the LG G3 and the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system upgrade. One of these problems is mainly common among AT&T users due to mandatory updates the company has issued, surprising users who intentionally did not install Android 5.0 Lollipop on their G3 devices to avoid any major bugs or problems.

A second problem that has also been noted, concerns the LG G3’s lock screen and notifications. The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system has completely revamped the pulldown drawer design on the G3, causing the device to lose some features. With Android 5.0 Lollipop, LG G3 users will only receive two notifications. The new double tap feature that Android 5.0 brings to handsets allows users to open up the notifications, still doesn’t work on the G3 and requires users to swipe down to open the notifications. Shorter battery life is also being experienced with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Crashing apps, devices heating up, slow processing and unwanted device reboots have also been documented. Later iterations of the Android Lollipop firmware will fix some or most of these issues once the LG G3 is eligible to receive the upgrade.

Why Many Entrepreneurs are Not Embracing E-Commerce Solutions


Ecommerce solutions are becoming a growing need for businesses worldwide. However, not many businessmen have taken the initiative to embrace these, which is why they now wonder what made their competitors jump leaps ahead of them. Thing is, entrepreneurs are not really at fault. There are certain things that stop them from availing this highly useful technology.

If you have not integrated e-commerce into your business, it may be because of the following. However, rest assured that each does have a solution.

Challenging User Interface

E-commerce web designingincorporates new features regularly, making businessmen wonder if their websites are becoming more challenging for their clients. For first time users, this can be a cause for panic; they may feeloverwhelmed by a huge array of tools and options. However, the best way to counter that is through tutorials. First-time users can receive interactive tutorials for using the site. On the other hand, you can always instruct the developer to create a simple site similar to the ones offered by popular platforms.

E-Commerce Solutions

Transaction Charges

Many entrepreneurs do not like the idea of being charged a subscription fee for using e-commerce solutions. However, they should understand that these sites require maintenance regularly or else their online image will be tarnished. In addition, developers need to pay third-party service providers such as web hosting services if they do not offer the service themselves. Therefore, every cent you invest will go towards benefiting your website.

Unfamiliar Concepts or Specs

Since most entrepreneurs are unfamiliar with the concepts of ecommerce and online marketing,they may find it hard to understand the merits of implementing these solutions. They may believethat features with unfamiliar casino online names are there to justify the prices being charged. However, not only will a good e-commerce website developer explain the purpose of each spec, they will go in detail about how such sites can work to your benefit.

Lack of Personal Service

Some believe that by making use of the internet for all business aspects, customers will not be able to enjoy the personal experience they need. However, customer service is actually the last thing you would worry about with these systems. First off, your clients will be pleased at the prospect of not having to wait in long lines to shop or send through a complaint. In addition, you can track customers’ demands better through an automated system rather than manually. E-commerce platforms further provide personalised shopping as they can adapt to the customers’ needs and showcase what they may be likely to purchase based on their previous buying habits.

Most oftoday’sentrepreneurs are misinformed and have not been briefed on the benefits they can reap from hiring Magento website development service providers. However, you now know that there is a chance that you may have been shying away from a very essential update, do not hesitate to contact the professionals with at least your questions. Only they can set the record straight, so give them a chance to do so.

How a Virtual Office Can Help You


Are you limited to a tight budget? Small business owners often have a hard time affording employees. Due to tight budgets, you can find yourself missing deadlines and other things because you do not have an assistant to help you stay organized. Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to get the help you need. In fact, many small businesses are finding they can create a virtual office and still bring in some high revenue. Here are some of the ways a virtual office will benefit your business.

Save Office Space

How many employees do you have? If you only have a few employees, you should consider a virtual office, as it will save you a lot of money on rent and office expenses. The employees can work from their homes, and you can meet monthly at your home, or at a designated location offered by the virtual office company.

Gadget Synergy

When you establish a virtual office, you must designate an area in your home to serve as your personal office space. You need to keep this area completely separate from your personal life to avoid confusion with your taxes. Plus, it is nice to have an office that you can close the door to in order to avoid the distractions of your home. If you are worried about using your home address for the business, you can establish a virtual address, or you can use a PO Box for business mail.

Fast Setup

Depending upon the business you are running, your virtual office will allow you to set up quickly. For a monthly fee, you will be given all the information you need to start your business. This will include a dedicated business phone number, corporate business address, a live receptionist, a fax number, and a personalized voicemail box. If you want to create the right corporate image for your business, a virtual office is a great way to get started. It gives you all the credibility of a professional organization, even if you are running the company from your basement.

Eliminate Hassles

Another great feature of turning to a virtual office is for the organization. You can eliminate several hassles that often occur when setting up a business. You will not need staff members to carry out mundane tasks. Instead you can have your employees focus on the work that needs to be done, and the virtual staff will focus on the other work. They will make sure the phones are answered, emails are responded to, and faxes are received. This will help everyone to stay organized, preventing you from missing deadlines and other issues that are time sensitive.

Maintain Professionalism

Using a virtual office is a great way to show clients that you are professional. By booking a conference room through the virtual office, you are able to give the appearance of a professional organization. This is a great way to help the business establish credibility with the customers. When you work with a virtual office, it is important to use the right stationary. All the corporate documents need to look the same for branding purposes. Make sure you are giving the right description of the business, and the correct spelling of the company name. This will help the virtual staff to provide accurate information to your clients. If you want to organize your business, and maintain the right level of professionalism, consider employing a virtual office.

This article was written by Richard Craft, an MBA student who hopes to help you succeed! He recommends checking out Premier Business Centers when shopping around for Virtual Office Services. Check out their website today and see how they can help you move forward! 

The Apps That Marketers Couldn’t Live Without


Almost everyone has some kind of app these days, whether it’s on your iPhone, android device, tablet, or something else altogether. As time goes on, these apps develop and become more and more helpful to us in things like gardening, getting fit, cooking, and even marketing! In this post we’re going to concentrate on marketing apps, specifically the ones that marketers couldn’t live without. These apps all help to make a marketer’s life easier, and make them look better at their jobs. If this sounds like something you’d like, read on:


If you’re into marketing, chances are campaign ideas randomly pop into your head at the most unexpected time; when you’re in the pub, on the train, or even as you brush your teeth. To make sure you don’t forget your next big marketing scheme, Evernote can help you. Like a handy little notebook, you can note down your ideas, and so much more. The app allows you to go paperless, so you can store all of your important VAT receipts and other things in there too, eliminating the need for junk lying around.



For file sharing, Dropbox is your go to app. You can have it on your desktop to store all files to be shared with your colleagues, and download it on your iPhone to have all of those files with you while on the move. But what about the files that are too big to send over email? Well it’s simple, Dropbox allows you to keep these files and give access to other members of your office.



If you’ve ever forgot to change something important on your google documents before you left the office, this is the app you need. It’s not officially Google’s app but it works very well. It sorts your documents showing up the last one you edited and let’s you see the entire document. You can even upload documents straight from your phone if you want to!



Do you have many lists of things to do lying around? This app is perfect for the whole working team, as each member has their own personal board where you can see their things to do, things they’re working on, and things they’ve completed already. You can also assign tasks to other members, give deadlines, and make certain tasks priority – perfect for a busy office or team!



HootSuite is a professional looking social media dashboard that will allow you to post on your social platforms, monitor, and measure social media tools. You can easily manage multiple accounts, perfect for the busy marketer with many social platforms to tend to. Not only that, but you can see essential analytics that will help you to increase your followers, traffic, and clicks. It’s so helpful, that you would only usually get information like it from a professional company like Skyrocket SEO! The app is available on your desktop but if you get it on your smartphone you can access it on the move too!


Marketers tend to be busy people with a lot on their minds, so these apps can help to take some of the stress away and make their lives a little easier. Download these apps now and see what they can do for you and your business!

4 Debt Management Apps


Managing your debt in a proper and planned way is the main problem that many people are facing. But in this busy world, technology has solved all these major issues. Mobile applications are playing the best part as these are compatible with smartphones and tablets where the person may not find it difficult to handle and can access them anywhere.

Using mobile apps to track down your debt management is convenient for people who are on the move and makes them able to access anywhere with the help of internet.

4 Debt Management Apps

Some of the famous debt application may include:-

  1. Apps related to Credit Card Debt – This is a great application which will allow the individuals to give the clear picture about all the debts which are taken from their creditors. This application will help you to calculate all your outstanding debt and suggest the different ways by which you can reduce your credit up to certain level. It will also calculate the monthly instalments which are less and can be paid by them to reduce their outstanding amount.
  1. Debt tracking apps- This is also one of the best debt apps which can easily track the outstanding amount of the debt along with calculating the right amount which needs to be paid in instalments to get rid of them in coming years. Apart from above, this app is best to use in big organizations where the personal finance of the organizations are maintained in the proper way by creating many accounts.
  1. Debt management app- This application is known as debt management software which includes the feature of monthly budget along with telling you to use the money in the right way which in turn is helpful for saving money and manage your accounts in the better way. This also helps in managing debts properly.
  1. Application regarding debt in case of your personal or any special item owned: – This is one of the main app which is also helpful for the user in taking the image about the property along with any special item borrowed to individual. It will help the individuals in checking the property or items which are returned by the lender after fulfilling the needs. It will update the customers about the damages which has caused to his property or special item given to the lenders for specific period.

Thus we can say that mobile applications are playing the best role in the world of debt as everything in this field is easily covered by this application right from making the budget till its implementation and managing the finance in the planned and better way by controlling the unnecessary expenses of the business along in homes is managed by these apps.

Mobile technology has covered most of the market where most of the debt problem is solved with these apps where the customers are guided regarding debt management solutions. These apps manage the financial budget of a person, along with reminding them timely about their repayments.

5 Best Business Apps for your IPhone


If you have recently purchased a new iphone, you need o2 telephone number in order to contact o2 customer support so that they can explain to you how to purchase iphone insurance. Once you have insured your iphone, you can now embark on finding the best business applications which you can use for business purposes. Here are 5 best business applications for your iphone.

Genius Scan 

If you are traveling during working days, you will definitely need to keep track of various business cards, receipts and other important records until you return to your office. Genius Scan is the best application for you. Here are some of the features that make this application one of the most versatile business applications for iphones.

business apps for iphone

· Compatible with iphone cameras – this application is compatible with iphone cameras and you can therefore use it for scanning short documents which you can later send via email.

· Enhances readability- Genius Scan use both perspective correction and frame detection for purposes of enhancing readability of short documents such as business cards and receipts.

Dragon Dictation 

This is an easy-to use iphone application. With this application, you can easily speak with your clients and instantly read your email messages. Using Dragon Dictation is more than 5 times faster than when you are typing on your keyboard. Here are some of the features of this application.

· Submit text to several social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

· A correction interface that is voice driven

· A convenient editing feature.

Go Payment

With Go Payment installed on your iphone, you are almost sure of not missing out on a sale. This is because you can easily receive credit card payments via your iphone provided that this application is installed on you iphone. Below are some of the features of Go Payment.

· Synch with QuickBooks- the iphone application easily integrates with QuickBooks. It can therefore help you manage your business fully.

· Encrypt card reader- this iphone application comes with an encrypt card reader which is used for purposes of making sure that transaction information remain safe and secure.

· Item finder- Go Payment comes with an item finder which you use for purposes of categorizing items and searching them online. Therefore, you can use this application for purchasing items online.

Ever note 

With this easy- to use iphone application, you can take notes, record voice reminders and capture photos. The application will also help you in keeping your finances and saving your receipts. Here are some of the key features of Ever note.

· An organizer-used for purposes of organizing notes by tags and notebooks

· Recorder- used for recording voice and audio notes

· Synchronizer- used for synchronizing notes saved on computers and other storage devices.


Bento is one of the most important iphone applications since it can help you organize virtually every aspect of your business. This application uses a number of templates which you can easily customize for purposes of meeting your needs. Below are some of the features of Bento.

· Basic interface- the basic interface has templates which you can use for organizing your projects, expenses and inventory.

· Encrypt card reader- Bento comes with an encrypt card reader which you can use for keeping your transaction information safe and secure.

About Me:

Linda Swan is a blogger and a writer from UK (LONDON) having interest in writing technology related topics. She is a gadget geek tries to maintain resistivity in tech knowledge.

A Guide On Microsoft Exchange Hosting


Today, there are many more businesses choosing to purchase hosted communications services to cut down on their management tasks and also reduce business operations expenses. For many of these businesses, their decision will be based on the functions and features offered by the Exchange hosting provider. For a majority of businesses, including both small and medium sized businesses, Microsoft Exchange Hosting is their final hosted communications service choice.

What Is Microsoft Exchange Hosting?

Microsoft Exchange hosting provides businesses with advanced features for managing email, contacts, calendars, and tasks. This hosting solution provides users with the collaboration features of Outlook and Outlook Web Access to securely share information with other Exchange users.

Microsoft Exchange hosting

There are many businesses advantages to acquiring a Microsoft Exchange Hosting service. The following is an outline of the top advantages:

Avoid Large Up Front Capital Expenses: Microsoft Exchange Hosting is affordable for all size businesses, including small businesses on a small budget. Users pay for Exchange hosting services on a monthly, per mailbox basis. There is no purchasing of hardware and software, and maintenance and technical issues are managed by the Exchange host service provider.

Easier Access, Ease of Mobility: Management and staff can easily access their emails via a web browser from any location that has Internet access. They have full access to their task lists and calendar. This is ideal for mobile workers. Workers on the road or located in another region can stay connected to the business and stay updated. The result is less downtime and increased productivity because calendar and contacts remain up-to-date and can be coordinated with other coworkers.

Increased Security and Efficient Data Protection: With Microsoft Exchange Hosting, critical data is backed up and remains secure. There are daily email backups and there is less risk of damage like the risk associated with losing data through a hard disk crash. As well, there are regular updates of  anti virus and anti spam protection software.

Increased Client Communication, Reduced Costs: By using Exchange hosting, employees can  schedule meetings with customers/clients who are also on the Server. They can arrange meetings, conference casino online rooms, and more. This reduces time consuming phone calls. Scheduling meetings electronically will reduce the number of phone calls required to set up a meeting and thus reduce the phone bill amount. Users can also use the SMS add-on to communicate information without interrupting the recipient.

IT Budgets Reduced: Microsoft Exchange Hosting frees up IT staff to focus on other business applications, objectives, and projects. An Exchange hosting service is ideal for over-stretched  IT departments.

Business-Critical Features And Functions

With Microsoft Exchange Hosting services, users benefit from the following features:

Global Address Book And Contact Manager: This features allows user secure, centralized access to critical contact information.

Public Folders/File Sharing: It is easy for users to post and share documents and email messages in a central location.

Group Calendar For Scheduling: Users can check the availability of conference rooms, other Exchange users, and resources, to schedule meetings.

Task Management: This feature allows users to assign tasks to others on the Exchange and to themselves.

Outlook Web Access (OWA): Provides users with secure access to calendar, email, and contacts from any Internet enabled device, including mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPad, etc. In addition, Task Lists, Shared Calendar, and Contacts allows employees to improve their time management skills and improve their productivity.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting at is ideal for small and medium sized businesses, and particularly beneficial for a mobile workforce and businesses with multiple office locations. There are many benefits associated with acquiring Microsoft Exchange Hosting which is why it is such a popular hosting choice.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom comes to the UAE.


The world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer is blurring the line between smartphones and digital still cameras, converging them into a single device with the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which was launched in the UAE on Monday.

Available for Dh1,899 ($512), the S4 Zoom is more than a phone. It takes the body of a 4.3 inch Galaxy S4 mini and adds a 16MP CMOS sensor and 10x optical zoom to create a new category in the market.

When asked whether the device would live up to the hype, Hayssam Yassine, head of telecommunications group at Samsung Gulf Electronics, told Gulf News that smartphones with high quality cameras are becoming increasingly popular in this region and this hybrid device would meet the demands of consumers..

“The feedback we got from customers when Galaxy Zoom camera was launched was that it only had WiFi and some need a 3G connection. The logic behind the S4 Zoom is instead of carrying two devices, they need to carry one,” Yassine said.

Samsung targets techology buffs and social media enthusiasts with this device.

Communication turns visual

Yassine said that communication is becoming increasingly visual, with people wanting to capture and share their moments in the highest quality possible, but often do not have the space or inclination to carry a dedicated camera for this purpose.

“Samsung is seeking to extend its Galaxy models in a bid to cater to different people and price segments. I don’t think this hybrid device will compete in the digital still camera. Professionals may prefer using professional cameras, but others tend to use smartphones to capture photos,” Yassine said.

According to industry figures, Samsung ranks fourth globally in the compact and interchangeable lens cameras market with a market share of 9.4 per cent. Canon holds 22.6 per cent market share, followed by Nikon with 20.9 per cent and Sony with 14.8 per cent.

Thieves Caught On Camera Stealing Employees’ iPhones At Lakeview Store


CHICAGO (CBS) – It is estimated that this year as many as a million-and-a-half iPhones and smart phones will be stolen. One runner’s store, the Universal Sole, on North Lincoln Avenue is one of the locations where it has already happened.

It’s a one stop shopping center for the Lakeview running community, shoes, clothing and gadgets abounding. Yesterday just before 2 p.m., three young thieves caught on one of several surveillance cameras are seen coming into the Universal Sole and turning it into a one stop theft center for iPhones.

The man who’d been lingering near the front, makes his move and reaches over the counter, unplugs 1) that have the latest security updates needed to help keep your safe and secure. the other iPhone and grabs it. Moments later, the band of thieves walks out the door. The deed is done.

“Literally, within an hour of this happening, a police report was filed, the emails were sent to the police department and today we sent it to the alderman just telling him ‘hey, here’s the footage,’” said Feinberg.

Police and the victims are hoping somebody who sees this video will recognize the culprits and turn them in. If you know who they are, call 911.

Ready to run desktop Linux PC: MintBox 2


This isn’t the first time CompuLab, an Israeli firm specializing in single-board and industrial board computers, has offered Linux Mint computers. They first offered their MiniBox PC with Linux Mint in January 2012.

Clement “Clem” Lefebvre, Mint’s founder said, “The MintBox 2 will be based on the Intel i5 and feature more than four times the performance of the MintBox Pro, for roughly the same price. The new MintBox 2 is expected be much faster than its older AMD-powered relatives, the MintBox Basic with its AMD T40 and the MintBox Pro with an AMD T56 CPU.

According to Lefebvre, “The i5 CPU is a great compromise between performance and price … The i7 processor, in comparison, would have pushed the cost above $800 and only gave an additional 5 percent performance gain.” In a note, Lefebvre added that the MintBox 2’s i5 will be “a third-gen Intel Core i5 3337 Ivy Bridge 1.8 GHz with Intel HD Graphics.”

The new MintBox 2, which is a fanless, low-powered mini-desktop PC, will come with 4GBs of RAM and a 500GB hard-drive. For graphics, the small-footprint PC uses Intel’s HD Graphics 2000. This powers a HDMI 1.4a port, which is capable of resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz and DisplayPort, which can support up to 2560 x 1600 resolution at 60Hz.

The MintBox 2, which is based on CompuLab’s Intense PC line, also comes with two eSATA ports for additional storage, a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and four USB ports: two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0.

This Mint Linux PC will sell for $599. It will be available in the US from Amazon and in the European Union from Amazon Germany.