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You can not say Hey Google from your speaker now

Google is functioning on a feature for its digital voice assistant which will allow users to leave saying “Hey Google“. This essentially means a user has no need to add “Hey Google” before giving voice commands to the Google Assistant. It is valid for specific tasks. As a report by 9to5Google, a collapse of the Google Assistant’s latest APK Insight suggests. That the dev tech giant may launch “Quick Phrases” which will offer the new ability.

The following commands are going to add under the Fast Phrases:

Comand named “salsas” within the app APK, users are going to be ready to add these specific tasks as per their choice. So, these phrases are going to be categorized into “Recommended“, “Alarms“, “Connect“, “General Info“, “Lights“, “Media Controls“, “Timers“, and “To-Dos“.

hey google

The following lists of commands which will not require the utilization of the word “Hey Google“:

  1. Cancel Alarms: “Cancel the alarm”
  2. Show Alarms: “What time is my alram set for?”
  3. Respond to calls: “Answer” & “Decline”
  4. Send Broadcasts: “Send a broadcast”
  5. Ask about Time: “What time is it?”
  6. Ask about the Weather: “Whats’s the weather?”
  7. Turns Lights Up & Down: “Increase the Brightness” & “Decrease the Brightness”
  8. Control Volume: “Turn up/down the Volume”
  9. Pause & Resume Music: “Pause/Resume the Music”
  10. Skip Songs: “Skip this Song”
  11. Cancel Timers: “Cancel the Timer”
  12. Pause & Resume TImers: “Pause the Timer”
  13. Reset Timers: “Reset the Time”
  14. Reminders: “Create a Reminder”
  15. Family Notes: “Create a Family Note”

The Devices will Support the Ability

Google is saying this to its users: You would like not to say “Hey Google” to from your speaker do the above-discussed tasks. As, the 9to5Google report says that alongside smartphones, smart speakers, also smart displays can go HotWord “Hey Google” with the new ability. However, there’s no timeline for when the feature is going to be available.

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