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On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks For Yoast SEO

In this article, we guide you on how to optimize On-Page SEO in Yoast SEO to rank high. On-page SEO ( also known as “on-site SEO”) is the technique of optimizing web page content for search engines and users. Common on-page SEO practices include optimizing title tags, content, internal links, and URLs. This is different from off-page SEO, which is optimizing for signals that be off of your website (for instance, backlinks). Learn How to use Yoast SEO in WordPress.

At this point, all of the immediate and fundamental configurations of the Yoast plugin should be all set. With that in sense, it’s time to use Yoast SEO to optimize your website content. Utmost of the optimization process will be in the Meta Box for Yoast SEO. This is also known as the content optimization tab and is found beneath each of your blog posts.

on-page seo meta box

From there, start optimizing colorful aspects of your on-page SEO, from title tags and meta descriptions to cornerstone content and readability analysis. The succeeding sections will show you how to perform the most important tasks in optimizing on-page SEO.

How to optimize Focus Keyphrase?

The focus keyphrase or keyword is the search phrase you like your blog posts or pages to rank for in search engines results. It can correspond to one single word or a combination of several words. A rule of thumb isn’t to use further than five words. When fitting a focus keyword into the Meta Box for Yoast SEO, the plugin will start breaking down the content and give suggestions on how to better it for better page ranking. See Webmaster Tools Verification in Yoast SEO.

on-page seo yoast keyphrase

You’ll find the results and feedback down in the SEO analysis section. Click on the dropdown button to get colorful suggestions you can apply to optimize your content.

yoast seo analysis

Also, those with the Yoast SEO premium plan can enter keyphrase synonyms to increase the chance of ranking for relative keywords. One of the stylish WordPress SEO practices is to perform keyword exploration using tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Also, these tools help perform tasks like chancing organic keywords, breaking down search volume, and determining keyword difficulty.

How to customize snipet preview in On-Page SEO?

To drive visitors to your website, it’s essential to make your post engaging and clickable. One method to do so is by optimizing your snippet preview. People are more probable to click on a post that has an enticing snippet. When your page gets more clicks than your challengers, it signals search engines that you have better quality content. Hence, adding your chance to get an improved ranking. In Yoast SEO, you’ll find the Google trial under the focus keyphrase section of the Meta Box. Also, visit our guide for Search Appearance Settings in Yoast SEO.

yoast seo google preview

There’s an illustration of how your post or page will look in the Google search results – click on the button consequently to view either mobile or desktop results.

Fundamentals for On-Page SEO in Yoast SEO Plugin

Under the trial, you’ll see three fundamentals.

  • SEO title – also known as a page title, refers to the large textbook generally stressed in blue. There are multiple variables to incorporate into your SEO title grounded on your post settings. A good method is to use your focus keyphrase and keep the title under 70 characters.
  • Slug – a part of your URL that defines the content of your page. It’s pivotal to make your slug user-friendly. Always use descriptive words and incorporate your focus keyphrase for search engines and visitors to understand your content fluently.
  • Meta description – a short extract that appears under the page title and provides information about the content. However, Google will simply snare arbitrary gobbets of your content, If left unoptimized. Again, Google will bold a part of your WordPress meta description that contains the focus keywords, allowing you to gain visitors’ attention and get more clicks.

Yoast SEO will show a red, unheroic, or green bar as an index of each element. And, the green color means that your snippet is good to go, while red and unheroic suggest that further enhancement is demanded. Get a guide on Yoast Tools and Social Settings

How to mark Cornerstone Content in Yoast SEO?

Cornerstone content is an article or a page that serves as the pillar of your website. Cornerstone articles are generally long, comprehensive, and directly reflect your brand’s charge. The thing of having cornerstone content is to give detailed information for your visitors and rank for high-volume keywords. Immaculately, cornerstone content should make people engage with your website and buy your products.
To give your cornerstone more elevation, you need to drive traffic towards it. Use internal linking to direct visitors from other applicable pages on your site. These internal links will support the web crawlers in finding your cornerstone content. The Yoast SEO plugin includes an option to mark a post or a page as cornerstone content. So, remember that Yoast SEO will give further in-depth and critical analysis when you mark content as a cornerstone. For instance, if a regular article consists of 500 words, a cornerstone article should contain at least 1000 words.

cornerstone content yoast

Also, Yoast SEO provides fresh tools to optimize your cornerstone articles, similar to textbook link counter and devoted cornerstone analysis.

cornerstone content list Yoast

You’ll find a list of your cornerstone articles in Posts-> All Posts-> Cornerstone content. The textbook link counter provides information about how numerous internal links are present within one post. This way, you can resolve whether your cornerstone articles have enough links.

internal linking through  Yoast seo plugin

For decoration users, there will also be internal linking suggestions to help enhance your website structure.

That’s all for this guide. Also, see our guide on Best SEO Practices Using Yoast SEO Plugin.

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