5 Best Business Apps for your IPhone


If you have recently purchased a new iphone, you need o2 telephone number in order to contact o2 customer support so that they can explain to you how to purchase iphone insurance. Once you have insured your iphone, you can now embark on finding the best business applications which you can use for business purposes. Here are 5 best business applications for your iphone.

Genius Scan 

If you are traveling during working days, you will definitely need to keep track of various business cards, receipts and other important records until you return to your office. Genius Scan is the best application for you. Here are some of the features that make this application one of the most versatile business applications for iphones.

business apps for iphone

· Compatible with iphone cameras – this application is compatible with iphone cameras and you can therefore use it for scanning short documents which you can later send via email.

· Enhances readability- Genius Scan use both perspective correction and frame detection for purposes of enhancing readability of short documents such as business cards and receipts.

Dragon Dictation 

This is an easy-to use iphone application. With this application, you can easily speak with your clients and instantly read your email messages. Using Dragon Dictation is more than 5 times faster than when you are typing on your keyboard. Here are some of the features of this application.

· Submit text to several social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

· A correction interface that is voice driven

· A convenient editing feature.

Go Payment

With Go Payment installed on your iphone, you are almost sure of not missing out on a sale. This is because you can easily receive credit card payments via your iphone provided that this application is installed on you iphone. Below are some of the features of Go Payment.

· Synch with QuickBooks- the iphone application easily integrates with QuickBooks. It can therefore help you manage your business fully.

· Encrypt card reader- this iphone application comes with an encrypt card reader which is used for purposes of making sure that transaction information remain safe and secure.

· Item finder- Go Payment comes with an item finder which you use for purposes of categorizing items and searching them online. Therefore, you can use this application for purchasing items online.

Ever note 

With this easy- to use iphone application, you can take notes, record voice reminders and capture photos. The application will also help you in keeping your finances and saving your receipts. Here are some of the key features of Ever note.

· An organizer-used for purposes of organizing notes by tags and notebooks

· Recorder- used for recording voice and audio notes

· Synchronizer- used for synchronizing notes saved on computers and other storage devices.


Bento is one of the most important iphone applications since it can help you organize virtually every aspect of your business. This application uses a number of templates which you can easily customize for purposes of meeting your needs. Below are some of the features of Bento.

· Basic interface- the basic interface has templates which you can use for organizing your projects, expenses and inventory.

· Encrypt card reader- Bento comes with an encrypt card reader which you can use for keeping your transaction information safe and secure.

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