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A Guide On Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Today, there are many more businesses choosing to purchase hosted communications services to cut down on their management tasks and also reduce business operations expenses. For many of these businesses, their decision will be based on the functions and features offered by the Exchange hosting provider. For a majority of businesses, including both small and medium-sized businesses, Microsoft Exchange Hosting is their final hosted communications service choice.

What Is Microsoft Exchange Hosting?

Microsoft Exchange hosting provides businesses with advanced features for managing email, contacts, calendars, and tasks. This hosting solution provides users with the collaboration features of Outlook and Outlook Web Access to securely share information with other Exchange users.

Microsoft Exchange hosting

There are many business advantages to acquiring a Microsoft Exchange Hosting service. The following is an outline of the top advantages:

Avoid Large Up Front Capital Expenses: Microsoft Exchange Hosting is affordable for all size businesses, including small businesses on a small budget. Users pay for Exchange hosting services on a monthly, per-mailbox basis. There is no purchasing of hardware and software, and maintenance and technical issues are managed by the Exchange host service provider.

Easier Access, Ease of Mobility: Management and staff can easily access their emails via a web browser from any location that has Internet access. They have full access to their task lists and calendar. This is ideal for mobile workers. Workers on the road or located in another region can stay connected to the business and stay updated. The result is less downtime and increased productivity because calendars and contacts remain up-to-date and can be coordinated with other coworkers.

Increased Security and Efficient Data Protection: With Microsoft Exchange Hosting, critical data is backed up and remains secure. There are daily email backups and there is less risk of damage like the risk associated with losing data through a hard disk crash. As well, there are regular updates of anti-virus and anti-spam protection software.

Increased Client Communication, Reduced Costs: By using Exchange hosting, employees can schedule meetings with customers/clients who are also on the Server. They can arrange meetings, conference casino online rooms, and more. This reduces time-consuming phone calls. Scheduling meetings electronically will reduce the number of phone calls required to set up a meeting and thus reduce the phone bill amount. Users can also use the SMS add-on to communicate information without interrupting the recipient.

IT Budgets Reduced: Microsoft Exchange Hosting frees up IT staff to focus on other business applications, objectives, and projects. An Exchange hosting service is ideal for over-stretched  IT departments.

Business-Critical Features And Functions

With Microsoft Exchange Hosting services, users benefit from the following features:

Global Address Book And Contact Manager: This feature allows users to secure, centralized access to critical contact information.

Public Folders/File Sharing: It is easy for users to post and share documents and email messages in a central location.

Group Calendar For Scheduling: Users can check the availability of conference rooms, other Exchange users, and resources, to schedule meetings.

Task Management: This feature allows users to assign tasks to others on the Exchange and to themselves.

Outlook Web Access (OWA): Provides users with secure access to the calendar, email, and contacts from any Internet-enabled device, including mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPad, etc. In addition, Task Lists, Shared Calendar, and Contacts allow employees to improve their time management skills and improve their productivity.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting at is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, and particularly beneficial for a mobile workforce and businesses with multiple office locations. There are many benefits associated with acquiring Microsoft Exchange Hosting which is why it is such a popular hosting choice.