What is the Installation Process of Drupal (A CMS)


Follow the following steps:

  1. First of all you all should download drupal from their site. And if you are a window user then you install the wamp or xamp server first, after the installation you should extract the drupal in the root directory, in xamp its htdocs and in wamp its name is www. Start the server(wamp or xamp)
  2. After this just open your browser open localhost/phpmyadmin creat a database give the name what you want,.
  3. After this in the next browser window open the localhost/yourfoldername of drupal.

here it will take some steps through this the drupal will intall during this the database connection comes in which you will give the database name that name which you have given to the database when creat it. and the username of the database as root if you not given a username there in the db as root is the default usename. and the password field will be blank its the default velue of this field, but if you given a paasword for your db then give that password here. the db connection made.

After the installation is complete you will see the drupal interface, login to your admin area by giving the username and password that was given by you when installation was going on.  this is all about the installation process. hope you learn from it.

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